3 Tax-free savings with a Health Savings Account (HSA) with AccrueHealth

Did you know you can build up cash for future health care expenses — and take the money with you, even if you leave Bloomin’ Brands? It’s all possible with a Health Savings Account (HSA) with AccrueHealth. This type of account is available for you to open when you enroll in either the Choice or Value HSA medical plan option.

HSAs offer loads of benefits, including:

  • Your account will get contributions from Bloomin’ Brands when you complete activities under Health Rewards — money to save or use for qualified health expenses.
  • You can contribute your own cash tax-free to build up your balance faster. (Some states include contributions in taxable income.)
  • The money in your account grows tax-free.*
  • When you spend the money on qualified health expenses, it’s also tax-free.*
  • You get a convenient debit card to access your funds.
  • Once your balance reaches $2,000, you can choose to invest part of your money — to help create a long-term asset for health care.
  • Since you own your account and all the money in it, you can take it with you if you leave Bloomin’ Brands.

Learn more by calling AccrueHealth at 1-844-643-3099 or visiting online.

* May not be free of state income taxes in certain states. See your state’s department of revenue for details.