Prescription Drugs

What is Express Scripts (ESI) and what do they provide?

Express Scripts (ESI) is the administrator for the prescription drug plan. When you purchase your prescriptions at a participating retail pharmacy, or use the ESI Mail Order or Walgreens Smart90 program for your maintenance medications, you will save money on covered medications through the ESI negotiated rates, even when you are still in the process of satisfying your annual deductible. You may even pay nothing out of pocket for eligible preventive medications!

What is the website for Express Scripts (ESI)?

Before you become a member, you can check their pre-enrollment website to learn more about Express Scripts, check to see if your medication is covered and the estimated cost. Members can log on at to view their specific information.

Will I receive a new prescription drug ID card from Express Scripts (ESI) for my 2022 benefits?

No, if you are already enrolled for medical in 2021 and have an ID card, you will continue to use that ID card for your 2022 medical benefits with Bloomin’ Brands. If you enroll for medical with Bloomin’ Brands for the first time, you will receive new ID cards from Express Scripts. Generally, it takes up to 14 business days for cards to arrive after Express Scripts receives and processes your enrollment.

Will I need to get new prescriptions from my doctor for my 2022 benefits?

No, if you have remaining refills on your current prescriptions, you may continue filling them in 2022 as you have been doing in 2021. When you run out of refills, you will need to obtain a new prescription or have your pharmacy contact your doctor for a new prescription.

Will our prescription drug plan be changing or going away for 2022 with the change to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSFL)?

The prescription drug plan is not changing for 2022. It will also continue to be administered by Express Scripts.